This cuvee is a must for wine lovers looking for a taste of what wine was like pre-phylloxera. The vines are planted on the same terroir as Les Perrières, it is very interesting to compare the two cuvees from one vintage, and see the difference non-grafting makes.

Chef’s pairing

Le Taillevent

The chef : Alain Solivérès from the 2-star Michelin restaurant Le Taillevent in Paris, has selected his Ossetra caviar in a case of scallops and purple sea urchins.

More information on www.taillevent.com.

The sommelier : Pierre Bérot. “The flavour of the sea and the freshness of Alain Solivèrès’ dish of scallops, caviar and sea urchins calls for a white wine from a great terroir which will be able to bring volume and minerality. Le Clos fits the bill perfectly.

Our terroir

Because this part of Les Perrières is so small, and all the work here must be done by hand, we decided to plant it en foule (close) plantation, using ungrafted plants, in order to provide parent plants for grafts for our other vineyards. The parcel is very densely planted (18 500 plants per hectare), with a massal selection taken from cuttings from the same vineyard, which were then planted without grafts, as was done pre-phylloxera. The results are so far impressive because the plants have adapted very well. The wines are very complex and exceptionally well-balanced considering the age of the vines.