Maison Guillot-Broux is etablished

The domain’s wines are exported to over 20 countries worldwide and can be found in a large number of gourmet restaurants and wine shops. In recent years, the weather conditions have often lead to lower yields than planned, causing financial and commercial problems. In order to find a solution to this situation, we set up the négociant house, Maison Guillot-Broux, in 2014.

All the winegrowers we work with are either certified organic or converting to organic agriculture. To guarantee the quality of the wines, we select each individual vineyard we harvest.

In addition, to make sure that we will produce the kind of wine we like to make, we harvest the grapes ourselves and vinify at our domaine, using the same methods we use for the domaine’s wines, i.e. no added yeast and minimum use of sulphites.

The Domaine Guillot-Broux now embodies our ‘terroir’ wines,
and the Maison Guillot-Broux our handcrafted négociant wines.