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The Marc de Bourgogne is the result of distilling the residue (skins, pips and stalks) – known as marc – of pressed red grapes. This residue is usually distilled by the local still-man. The alcohol is then matured for at least 15 years before being bottled. As with all good spirits, the length of ageing is more important than the vintage, which is why we put the date of bottling on each bottle..

Chef’s pairing

Ma table en ville

The chefs : Gilles Bérard and Davide Pesenti from the restaurant Ma Table en Ville in Mâcon, Burgundy, suggest a tempura of Epoisses cheese and a caramel made with our domaine’s Marc de Bourgogne.

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Our terroir

The ageing of spirits is a philosophical question, just like the question of destemming for wine. There are advocates of non-aged spirits where the quality of distillation is essential, and those who prefer long-aged spirits. We find that spirits that have aged have more flavour and are smoother. This is why we age our Marcs for at least 15 years before bottling.