All of the grapes, from the noble Burgundian grape variety Pinot noir, are harvested and vinified by us. The grapes come from several vineyards in the Mâconnais, including two of our domaine’s vineyards.

Chef’s pairing

Duck Soup

The chef : Tom Hill and the sommelier, Rory McCoy, from Duck Soup restaurant in London have picked a dish of garam masala spiced livers with burnt green chilli, garlic yogurt and curry leaves.

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Our terroir

The Pinot Noir in the Mâconnais is often seen as the black sheep of Burgundy Pinots: it is not given a regional appellation, let alone a village one. Here we have a soft spot for it, because it is a fabulous grape variety when handled correctly – you can’t ask it for high yields and have to treat it with respect in the winery. This Bourgogne is the third cuvee to be sold under the Maison Guillot-Broux label.