This cuvee comes from the same vineyard as the white Les Geniévrières. We first produced this cuvee in 2009, having waited 18 years for the vines to be mature enough.

Pinot noir was a very difficult variety to tame on this terroir – it took us many years, both in the vines and in the winery, to understand it properly. But it was worth it in the end!

Chef’s pairing


The chef Ulli Sorarui and the sommelier Karl Mair at the restaurant Pretzhof in Vipiteno, Italy, raise their own pigs. The meat proposed is speck from different parts of the pig. After being smoked, the speck is aged for 15 to 20 months in the cellar.

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Our terroir

Situated on the same terroir as the white wine of the same name, the Pinots in the Genièvrières have been planted in three different places: two on quite shallow soil cover, bringing structure to the wine; and the third on terraces that have more soil cover, giving a fruitier side to the wine. The wines from these three areas are blended into one cuvee, Les Genièvrières Rouge. This wine has the elegance and minerality to warrant being aged.